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COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives. As more scientific research rolled out in 2022, these were the top 5 stories that readers were most interested in, ranked in order of unique page views.

1. After COVID-19, experts say watch for these potential heart and brain problems

So you’ve had COVID-19? Here’s what to watch for – and what you can do – when it comes to heart and brain health.

2. Myocarditis from COVID-19 booster rare, but risk highest among teen boys, young men

Cases of myocarditis – an inflammation of the heart muscle – following a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine are rare and typically mild, research from Israel shows.

3. COVID-19 infection poses higher risk for myocarditis than vaccines

The overall risk of myocarditis was higher immediately after being infected with COVID-19 than in the weeks after vaccination for the coronavirus, new research shows.

4. Blood clot risk remains elevated nearly a year after COVID-19

People who had COVID-19 early in the pandemic had a heightened risk of clots up to 49 weeks later, according to a large study from England and Wales.

5. Rethink what you thought you knew about COVID-19 reinfection

The latest omicron subvariants are proving adept at reinfecting people – even those sickened recently. Here’s what people with heart disease and stroke should know.

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