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Pregnancy complications and menopause can increase women’s risk for cardiovascular disease. Here are the year’s top 5 stories on these topics and more, ranked in order of unique page views.

1. Pregnancy complications could increase a woman’s stroke risk at an earlier age

Women who have complications during pregnancy may face a much higher risk of stroke at an earlier age than those without them, a new study suggests.

2. The connection between menopause and cardiovascular disease risks

As a woman transitions to menopause, her risk factors for cardiovascular disease rise.

3. Lesbian and bisexual women may have worse heart health

Lesbian and bisexual women may be less likely to have ideal cardiovascular health than heterosexual women, according to new research in France.

4. Oral estrogen therapy for menopause may increase high blood pressure risk

Some women in menopause who take estrogen pills may be at higher risk of high blood pressure than those taking non-oral forms, new research suggests.

5. To improve maternal health, report says to start before pregnancy

Optimizing pre-pregnancy health may help reverse the rise in heart-related maternal deaths and complications, especially among Black women, according to a new American Heart Association report.


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